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Core business

Database Management and Maintenance;
Database Storing and List-broking Activities (Ketels DM Group was a member of Business Lists Europe);
Definition and Analysis of Target Market Segments;
Standardization of databases and intelligent analyses of doubles as to the postal address and other record-elements relevant to the direct mail and broader direct marketing applications of the database;
Personalization of the separate direct mail documents in terms of the postal address, the heading of the letter and the contents of the mail message (= variprinting of text-elements as well as pictures) using full color variable printing techniques (= Xeikon Technology);
Offset printing of the fixed mail-elements;
Production of the direct mail package by machine-made assembling of the separate direct mail documents;
Follow-up of the direct mail campaign using other direct marketing tools and Response Analysis and –Management.


Logistics Manager

Project Manager Business Intelligence

Leading operational staff: interface between commercial and production units

Function contents

Logistics Manager:

To coordinate logistics of hybrid production (e.g. intelligent address technology on external files to be used in personalized offset printing production);
To optimize on logistics interfacing the business units;
To implement quality control procedures as to preparing ISO-certification (in association with CKZ West-Vlaanderen);
Complaints management: measuring, treatment, solving and preventing;
Management by exception by means of analytical accounting figures;
To conduct production control when outsourcing on behalf of major key accounts (e.g. Proctor & Gamble).

Project Manager Business Intelligence:

To analyze and report on functional needs as to the development and implementation of a business intelligence driven order processing tool (offer, order confirmation, production planning, process controlling, delivery, invoicing) using knowledge technology (in association with Bolesian Knowledge Based Solutions BV);
To conduct pricing analysis (both cost and sales);
To conduct project management activities;
Software trainer and mentor of bachelor trainees.