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Core business

Dealer business planning (DBP), model and entity production forecasting and budgeting on behalf of national sales companies (NSC) in Benelux, Nordics and Central Europe according to national sales & marketing plans and according to central brand & finance plans.


Consultant to central programming and vehicle distribution

Function contents

Consultant to central programming and vehicle distribution:

To assist in launch and training of DBP - tool to national dealers;
To assist in re-engineering of central programming & distribution (CP&D) processes;
To align dealer business plans with national business / budget plans;
Global vehicle programming (GVP) at model level;
To input the entity level forecasting system (ELFS);
To consense monthly with NSC key accounts (managing director, brand at retail manager, business development manager, central finance manager, central brand manager) (via videoconferencing);
To develop monthly national and dealer requirements plans and central production allocation programs;
To coordinate and consolidate central systems input, processing and feedback;
To liaise with local managers to include European vehicle programming directives and constraints in national forecasts and budgets;
To liaise with central brand and finance teams to ensure adequate planning for approved pricing papers and marketing proposals, including entity mixes and option forecasting;
To brief to central programming management on DBP, GVP and ELFS;
To ensure consistent data flow through different knowledge system platforms;
To liaise with all the necessary area’s in the company to solve a specific market situation as to programming, scheduling and distribution of vehicles;
To enhance the implementation of the new European production planning processes;
To deliver a consistent high quality program input that meets both national market objectives and central brand and finance plans;
To establish market sales objectives and trends;
To identify accordingly national production requirements;
To enhance the implementation of constraints management to optimize order submission in line with production capacities;
To provide consultancy on major new process leadership re-engineering initiatives (e.g. Dealer Business Planning).