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Up to now a five year framework agreement 2003 – 2008 has been signed by the EDS-Telindus Consortium and the Flemish Government for the provision of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) services. This public outsourcing contract with the Flemish Government comprises the supply of an extensive portfolio of ICT services: business application development and maintenance, network integration, security and user support and the further development and integration of the ICT infrastructure in order to keep track of current and future market standards.

By outsourcing this range of activities, the Flemish Government is expecting to be able to establish a solid basis for continued optimization at a strategic, tactical and operational level. Therefore, the organization of the outsourced ICT services complies to the ITIL best practices as to service delivery and service support. Project-based innovation processes are guided by PMBOK and CMMI standards.

The contract value depends on the number of services purchased during the contract term by the Flemish Government, its administration and its customers (De Lijn, VRT, VDAB, OVAM, IWT, …). Based on the current annual ICT spend, the Ministry of the Flemish Community estimates for the period 2008 – 2015 a yearly average ICT spend of 95 million Euros. The contract is owned by Departement Bestuurszaken, Entiteit e-government & ICT-Beheer (e-IB).


Accredited independent process analyst and external project coordinator

Function contents

Accredited independent process analyst and external project coordinator:

The major project leading to preparing, assessing and assigning the public ICT outsourcing contract with the Flemish Government 2008 – 2015 is owned and guided by an internal task force of the Flemish public administration (e-IB) and supported by Frank Vandromme.

One of his major objectives in the contract preparing phase (2006 – 2008) was the supply and keeping up-to-date of procedure-based ICT reference libraries. The ICT reference library ensures that all of the participating candidates do acquire all information necessary, as complete as possible, on procedure-based points in time and enables them to estimate complexity, costs and profits. Included information describes end-user-infrastructure, server-infrastructure, mainframe-platform specifications, network components and security policies, software-contracts and licenses, business applications, personnel figures (FTE’s) and according competence profiles and AS IS and TO BE quantities for the separate ICT services. Therefore, Frank Vandromme liaises directly with internal (e-IB) and external (EDS-Telindus) project-owners.

In addition, web-based business intelligence (BI) reporting solutions were used to get the necessary configuration inventory reports (Cognos). A financial simulation model, in accordance with proposed budget figures, concluded his analysis so as to provide the internal task force with an adequate tool to assess and to select the candidates and finally to assign the public ICT outsourcing contract by January 2008.

During contract transition phase (2008 – 2010), Frank Vandromme analyzed and consolidated functional needs of 13 governmental administrations regarding web-based configuration management (CMDB) and reporting solutions (BI). He also analyzed and outlined business and financial processes so as to turn e-government & ICT-Beheer (e-IB) into a separate budgeting unit (DAB).

Analyses included AS IS and TO BE situations, in order to guarantee continuity and smoothly transfer (GAP-analysis). Moreover, applied key-concepts and methods on analyzing and organizing the outsourced ICT service delivery and service support were guided by best practices as described by ITIL, CMMI, PMBOK and Prince2.